Monday, January 24, 2011

{Cool Stuff!}

Hi friends. WOW!!! It has been a loooong time since I have blogged and I am very sorry about that. Things have been crazy around here with projects, work, family, holidays and being sick. But I am back in gear and hoping to keep blogging more regularly.

First off, there are so many new things going on in the Daisy Cottontail shop. I have a new passion for design and feel complete doing so. I still love my headbands and have been missing them greatly. They just didn't sell well on Etsy, but I am hoping to start them up again and hopefully get them in some local shops and maybe back on Etsy. I think I need pictures of them on people, so I need to find some models...any volunteers?

We have also started an art blog and are working on a giveaway for both I See Elephant and Daisy Cottontail so please check back for that, you wont want to miss it. I See Elephant is our new baby and we have so much we want to do with it. We envision it being a hub for artists to come and get inspired by eachother...not just the art itself, but the artist and their story. We want to do features and many giveaways, and we would love to incorporate charity. If you are an artist (of any medium) and would like to do any of the before mentioned please email us at for more information. In the mean time, please follow I See wont regret it ;)

Anyway, I came across these on the Design Sponge blog this afternoon and just had to share. These are amazing, and I love anyway to reuse everyday items...especially if they help with smells :) Check out the full feature on Design Sponge HERE.

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